Ambrose Kroop

Ship's Cook


Originally nown as “Fishguts” aboard the Wormwood, now that he’s sobered-up a bit (a bit) he’s gone back to using his true name. Ambrose was once the owner and chef of the finest restaurant on the pleasure island of Sapra, but an unfortunate indiscretion drove him from the island and onto Capt. Harrigan’s ship.

After the taking of the Naked Aggression, Harrigan assigned Ambrose to sail to port with the captured vessel.

Indifferent to the crew of the Naked Aggression at first, Ambrose has warmed up to you considerably over the past month. He is particularly fond of his sous-chef Laker, who he considers to be a friend and confidant. Ambrose and Laker share a cabin next to the galley, and can come and go from the Captain’s Quarters above via a trap door.

Ambrose Kroop

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