Slippery Syl



Slippery Syl earned her name by her habit of escaping bad situations with a minimum of harm (to herself—and maximum harm to others). She is a reasonably able rigger aboard the Naked Aggression, and good in a fight. She first appeared on the Wormwood after escaping her dungeon cell in Tsurlagol on the night before her scheduled execution for a long string of murders. How she escaped and how so many guards ended up dead that night is the subject of much gossip, always out of Syl’s earshot, of course.

Her open hostility to the party was first misinterpreted as loyalty to Mr. Plugg, but it now appears more likely that open hostility is her most defining personality trait. Once Plugg and Scourge were dispatched, she more-or-less fell in line under the ship’s new commanders, content to sail wherever mayhem might be found.

Slippery Syl

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